LED-Disc and LG-Disc stand out for their highly innovative design and their high energy efficiency. With transparent circuit boards and very thin and light components in an eco-friendly design we created a new experience of light. Various models of LED-CDs and Light Guides are the core of our product range.

LED-Disc consists of a CD-shaped, transparent circuit board. The LEDs are embedded in the circuit board rather than mounted on it thus allowing a very low product height. The conductive tracks of silver are vacuum-deposited or printed on the substrate. Conductive pastes are used for bonding. The LED-CD is a follow-up development of the modules F|imyé und F|light offered by EDC GmbH in 2014.

LG-Disc stand out for very good optic properties, i.e. energy efficiency and color rendering.

Lamps shows our range of interior lamps which is yet small, but growing steadily.

For the time being, all products can be requested via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. but on a medium term basis we are planning to offer them in our webstore.

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